The Karlovassi Lyceum is a relatively small senior high school of 150 students aged between 15 and 18 years old. The number of teachers holding a permanent position at the school is only 9, while the total number of teachers per school year can rise up to 18 when taking into account the substitute teachers and co-op teachers from nearby schools.

The school facilities include 10 classrooms, a Library with a Reading Room, a Science (Physics & Chemistry) Lab, a fully equipped Computer Lab, a small Auditorium, an outdoor Recreation Center, as well as staff room for the school Director and the teachers. Curriculum content is taught in mother tongue, Greek. English is taught as a foreign language, as well as French and German. Many of our students have won awards in mathematic competitions, following the footsteps of Pythagoras of Samos, who is often referred to as the first true mathematician.

The majority of the school’s students are of Greek nationality with a small but considerable number of students from Albania along with some of Asian background. The students come from the small town of Karlovassi and nearby villages and are of culturally, racially and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds who get to interact in the school environment and appreciate each other’s' uniqueness hence fostering tolerance and peaceful coexistence.    

Cultural diversity in school as well as on the island due to tourism and immigration flows offer plenty of opportunities to our students to explore different traditions, languages, religions. However, financial constraints and the remoteness of the island from the mainland limits our students’ ability to expand their horizons and experience diverse ways of life and culture.